Streetwear is and has been the visual and cultural voice of today's generation.

Founded in 2018, DBG started with two simple ideas; one, that we're all made by the same God who loves us all no matter our race, color, creed or circumstance and two, that a brand could reconnect people to their faith in ways that the traditional Church worship experience wasn't or couldn't. 

Using modernized classic silhouettes with imported, technically evolved fabrics, collections are both bold and subtle, simple and complex; a minimalist identity and style that resonates with the growing number of people worldwide who in many ways, feel disconnected from any sense of belonging.... Starting with BEAUTY FOR ASHES followed by SIGNATURE, the 2023 collection is called NOMAD; a bold message designed to reach the forgotten and reclaim the lost. 

It's a totally new conversation between those who know and those who as yet, don't.

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